Finally made it to the Guardian, sort of…

I’ve generally been a fan of The Guardian since becoming acquainted to it via Brits I’ve met while abroad. Now, as a journalist cum blogger, I’ve fallen out of like with the modern manifestations of traditional media and have started to rely on less “corporately suave” mediums for my news. However, generally speaking, I still like what the publication has to say…

So it is with a bit of pride that I got the following e-mail:

Hi Ryan,

Just a quick note to let you know that the email interview you did for us at Expats Interview ( was adapted for republication on another expat site. We think it looks good, we hope you like it.

You can find it here:

Victor and Lizza

Now, I realize it’s not quite the periodical’s main news site or anything, but it’s still kind of neat to be featured. I’m even on the main TEFL page.

Additionally, they’ve got a spot for people to review my blog… so, if you’ve got some kind comments (and high stars) to give check it out – otherwise, fuck off. 😉

Thanks again to Expat Interviews for taking interest.

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