Farrago: Water, Chrome, Money and Ass

I’ve been super busy as late – first with my usual workload, but also spending much of my free time edumacating myself on personal finance. It’s amazing I’ve passed my 31st year on this planet and know next to nothing about saving and investing.

Anyway, time being tight I still wanted to jot down and share a few interesting things I’ve come across in the last few days.


Heard about this one from a Twitter newsletter – Scott Harrison is turning 33 this month, and to celebrate he isn’t going out and having a monster party, he’s not getting a bunch of gifts – instead he’s digging 333 wells in Ethiopia – bringing clean drinking water to 150,000 that were drinking dirty and dangerous water previously.

Watch this:

That’s pretty awesome.


And speaking of awesome – tried Google Chrome yet? It’s Google’s entry into the Web browser market and it’s damn cool. It’s replaced Firefox as my browser of choice, but whether it sticks or not is tough to say (namely because it doesn’t have plugins I use every day – ie. Delicious).

If you’re curious about it – you can read my full Google Chrome review at Tip Trick Mod.


As mentioned above, I’ve been hungrily consuming any and all information I can, trying to teach myself about personal financing. I’ve grabbed a copy of Quicken and am reading “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

Figuring software and 70-year-old books aren’t all I need, I’ve also been spending a lot of time cruising The Motely Fool – a site that has a great collection of information for novices like me.

Verdict? I need to make more money. gasp! And I need to save more money. gasp! And I should buy ETFs. huh? Yeah. Essentially index funds. Simple, no brainer investments that just mimic the market – no day trading for this dork – not yet at least.

If anyone has some good solid financial advice – I’ve got a whole comments section below just begging to be your friend.

and Ass?

Evidently Sarah Palin has one that McCain can’t keep his eyes off of (h/t my mom):

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