D’Park vs. Prick… ah, phonetics.

Anyway… I know I know, I JUST posted like an hour ago or something about the sexy soccer girls (and that other clip… what was it about?). But I stumbled on these photos of a Russian Web designer who took a trip to North Korea (sometimes referred – in jest, I assume – as The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

You can view the photos at the original Russian site, or go over to this military forum to see what the photos are about in English.

All I can say is that for anyone living in China, the “shock and awe” of seeing North Korea might leave you scratching your head. It’s frigin’ China. I mean, there are some minor differences, but honestly… anyone that wants to see the DPRK and doesn’t want the hassle of people telling you what you can and can’t take photos of, just come to China. 一样, 真的一样.

Here’s a sample:

I mean, right down to the goofy statues in the park.

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