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So, yesterday I entered my fourth decade on this watery rock. I’m officially 30. The Big Three-Oh (My-God).


I had a friend ask if I was freaking out about it at all, and really, I’m not even a little. You hear about it, they make Hallmark cards for it, people generally fuss over it. But what I think it has most to do with is contentedness, or a lack thereof.

I tend to look at life like a long string of dots. Each dot is a memory or event that has happened to me. Some dots are bigger and more noticeable, and some are tough to see at all. Regardless of their size, there are a lot of dots between now and when I popped into this world – so, why freak out?

Everything that’s happened in my life has brought me to the point where I am now, and I like where I am.

  • I’ve accomplished enough to be happy, but not enough to be lazy.
  • I’ve seen enough to be knowledgeable, but not enough to be wise.
  • I’ve loved enough to know that it hurts, but not enough to want to stop.
  • I’ve grown enough to walk in my father’s shoes, but not enough to fill them.
  • I’ve said enough to fill novels, but not enough to stop talking.

My 20s were a helluva ride, and I’m looking forward with much anticipation at what my 30s will teach me.

As I announced previously, I’ve started on a new path with things. I’ll be studying Chinese five days a week come September, and I’ve quit teaching ESL as my primary source of income. Instead of ESL, I’ll be furthering my journey into weird and crazy world of Web development.

Currently I have designed and maintain four reasonably successful Web sites (www.thehumanaught.com, www.lostlaowai.com, www.haohaoreport.com, www.yourchinapal.com). In tandem with expanding these four, I’ll also be developing new projects and freelancing myself out as a Web developer and designer.

Dao By DesignI’ll be doing this all under the banner of my new business, Dao By Design. I chose the name to reflect some of my personal views and values, and to act as a reminder of those things. The site is not 100% finished, but I would love any feedback you have.

And certainly, if you or anyone you know is looking for a Web designer, please keep me in mind. 🙂 Incidentally, if you are looking for some tips about design, blogging, tech stuff or making money online, you might be interested in the new blog I’ve started: The Dao By Design Blog.

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