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CNET AsiaMany of you likely know my friend Rick Martin and his excellent blog, PandaPassport. You may also know Rick from his writings at the Little Red Blog on CNET Asia. Well, in an effort to hone his ninja skills, in about two weeks Rick leaves China and moves to Japan.

After I wiped away the tears and stopped shouting “NO YOU CAN’T LEAVE”, he asked if I would be interested in taking over the Little Red Blog, which is focused on technology as it relates to China – some may remember it was for a long time excellently written by another prominent China-blogger, Will Moss (aka Imagethief).

It just so happened Rick caught me at a time when I had been seriously looking at putting time back in my day for writing. Since starting my own design business about a year and a half ago I’ve had less and less time to commit to what really started it all, writing. I’ve come to realize that I’m the only one that can reclaim that time, as it’s never going to be handed to me.

So, along with committing to upping my post count here, at Lost Laowai, and Tip. Trick. Mod., I graciously accepted the offer to take over authorship of the LRB.

Sadly, after getting everything sorted with the folks at CNET Asia, I learned that the Little Red Blog moniker was being retired and I’d have to come up with a new name.

The Tech DynastyAnd so, after a failed attempt to convince the CNET Asia editor that Techanalects wasn’t too ambiguous, The Tech Dynasty was born.

I’ll be writing at CNET 2-3 times a week, and hope to maintain a similar posting schedule for the other blogs as well. It may mean I need to get a bit more methodical about my schedule, but I have a feeling that’s a positive step out of the rather chaotic timetable I currently keep.

As a first step towards that clarity, and as I’m sure some of you are questioning why the hell I have so many blogs, let me take a moment and outline each blog’s focus:

The Humanaught: Life in Suzhou

This is my personal blog, a place where I can spout off about whatever the feck I want without paying too much attention to its focus. On a macro level it covers, and will continue to cover, expat life in China, and more specifically in the city of Suzhou.

Lost Laowai

LLW is a multi-authored blog, so I have a bit less pressure to fill it with content all by myself. It is solidly focused on China, and being a foreigner (or “laowai”) in China. Topics run the gamut, but generally stay on point.

Tip. Trick. Mod.

Still relatively new, this is a blog that (the above mentioned) Rick and I started (and have pulled my friend Steven into). It, like LLW, is a multi-authored blog, but is completely un-China related. Posts relay everyday tips, tricks and modifications for customizing virtually anything around you. PC, Mac, Web, mobile devices, etc. are all topics (semi)routinely covered. PS: We’re still looking for more writers.

Dao By Design

My Web design/development business also has a blog. Mostly this is a place I can write about design-industry related things, share some basic design tips and announce the release of my various open-source plugins/add-ons for Joomla and WordPress.

The Tech Dynasty

For the first time, I have a blog where I can meld my love for technology with my location in China. The blog is part of CNET Asia’s network of great tech-related Asian blogs.

** Though his time in China has come to an end, Rick will still be writing at CNET, now at a Japan-focused blog called “Tokyo Shift” – which, at the time of writing, is still being set up.

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