Chinese Character Riddle

Hey, so my Chinese learning book (still level one, sigh) has a riddle in part of the homework. I have my suspicions of the answer, but am not sure. As such, I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys have to say (hover over for pinyin):





My first guess is that the answer is "夫", the logic being that the character for fu's tallest radical would be "人" (as tall as a person), and the radical extends past the "天" part of the character – making it "taller than the sky". The character means "husband or man", and so that sort of fits the last clue: you also know "him".

The reason I'm stumped on this is that the last line indicates that I've 'met' the character – and I've not studied this character yet (not in this book, I have in another however).

So… any ideas? Alternative answers?

Oh, and as I'm on a bit of a language kick today – here's an excellent post about handy mnemonics for remembering tones from the always sagely Sinosplice: "Mandarin Tone Tricks"

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