China Blog Awards 2007: My Picks

Ok folks, we’re in the final week of voting for the 2007 China Blog Awards. I hope you’ve all gone and voted for the blog you think is the best.

I have been meaning to run through my picks for a couple weeks now, but continually seem to get distracted. As I’m distracted by shiny objects, and it’s summer… it’s little wonder it’s taken until now.

So, here are they are…

The Humanaught’s Official China Blog Award Picks:

  • Business-Law Blog

    China Law Blog: I’m with the masses on this one. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve carefully reviewed everyone in this category, but the truth is, I rarely -if ever- read any of the blogs in this group aside from CLB. Despite being in China, involved with business and, with a mouth like mine, likely to need legal help… this category generally bores the bits off me – CLB is the exception though. Few people can write a dry topic like Business-Law with wit and humour – Dan just happens to be one of them. [vote]

  • General Blog

    Yellow Wings: This has got to be the toughest category for me to choose from. There are a lot of great blogs in it. Picking Yellow Wings over its parent blog, Sinocidal, was a tough call, as “Chou Chou” writes at both and Sinocidal rocks as well. However, for pure enjoyment of reading, I can’t get enough. Few things make me laugh Smarties out my nose the way he does. [vote]

    NOTE: Technically my favourite blog in this category is, of course, the Lost Laowai blog… but that’d just be shameless promotion (COUvoteforLLWGH).

  • News Blog

    Imagethief: Another category with a lot of amazing blogs, however, Will’s blog gets my vote. Though perhaps not as “newsy” as Danwei or Shanghaiist, I don’t really feel those two fit the bill as “blogs” really. What I love about Imagethief is that Will consistently writes posts that cut right to the core of things, all in his unique and humorous voice. [vote]

  • Personal Blog

    The 88s: Ah, my category. Currently I’m 5 votes away from taking this one (hint hint), but really, that’s a bit of a disservice to the other blogs in this category – many, if not most, of which are better than mine. Though I’ve not been able to read The 88s for a while now (his blog host, blogsome, is blocked in China and I’m too lazy to proxy out), the blog contains some of the best writing I’ve read – China related or not. Whether sharing his Chinese inlaws’ visit to the US or talking about what “new China” really means, I’m always blown away. [vote]

  • Tech Blog

    PandaPassport: This is another category that has a lot of blogs I don’t read very often. I think I just get sick of all the “hype” involved in ChinaTechSpeak blogs (I’m running out and registering that domain right now). However, Rick’s blog is always light-hearted, never takes itself too seriously and he usually has tech tips I can actually bite into (such as where to find the best stolen media ;-)). It’s little wonder CNET recently chose him to be the new host of the Little Red Blog. Disclosure: Rick’s a good friend of mine, and even if he wrote total crap (which he doesn’t), I’d chose him over those other guys. [vote]

  • Travel Blog

    Weird Meat: As the only blog in this category that I’ve read, I guess it would get my vote regardless, but this blog is just such an amusing concept for a travel blog. You can’t live in China for any length of time and not eat weird shit, but to my knowledge this is the first blog that makes it a sport. [vote]

Well folks, there they are – my picks for the 2007 China Blog Awards. What are yours?

NOTE: Also, there’s still time to submit what you feel are the best blog posts you’ve read in the English-language China blogosphere. Just go over to the Zui Hao Report and post them for all to vote on. If you’re post’s been nominated, be sure to let your readers know to vote for it as well.

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