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In my ongoing quest to find additional reasons to sit at my computer, as well as my rather successful attempts at procrastinating what I REALLY should be doing on here – I’ve decided to switch how I publish my blog – and in the process do a complete redesign.

The redesign is actually a product of switching blogging software, but it’s welcomed as I was tired of the old look. Basically, if you’re not at all interested in the behind the scenes crap about blogging, this post is rather useless to you – but if you are a blogger or thinking about becoming a blogger (as in the activity, not a user of Google’s service), read on.

I’ve switched to WordPress, which I’m quickly discovering is just a helluva lot better than Blogger in versatility. As it’s all open source software there are a lot more plugins and neat little things you can add to it. Basically, where Blogger is a team of Googlites programming what they think is best for’s users – WordPress is a big community of people with an amazing ability to produce neat little things to make the blogging experience more enjoyable and useful (one small example can be found at the bottom of this page – it’s a little add-on that creates a timeline of all my blog posts).

WordPress is also completely independent. As I rent my own server space (ie. I have and not, I don’t need anyone to host my blog (like all those free services – Blogger, LiveJournal, MSN Spaces, etc.). Previously I had it set up so that Blogger would automatically post my new blog entries to my server and they would magically appear. It’s handy, and the software takes care of all the archiving and everything.

With WordPress, things aren’t much different in this regard, as everything is still handled by the software (I don’t have to really “think” much about archiving, feed, etc.), but I also have more control. Where Blogger only does ATOM feeds, I can now produce all sorts of RSS feeds which can help to increase my readership.

As I get a hang of how WordPress works, you’ll likely see tweaks and stuff here. Please give me feedback on what you think – just leave a comment and I’ll get it.

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