But I regress…

Ok, so if you think posts on this site are disappearing faster than foreign hikers, you’d be right. For some reason my site keeps becoming inaccessible. I had thought it was the wikipedia entry, but now I’m starting to think it might be the article about Japan apologizing. Just when I think I’ve got it sorted out (with some creative editing of my databases, as I can’t get into my blog software when the site is blocked), and everything seems to work fine, I get a denial of access again. Grr.

So, regressing a couple posts, I’m going to see if this helps. The others are safely saved in DRAFT mode, and will return (if not in a slightly edited form) if this does indeed solve the problem.

Oh, and if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last day or two… sorry, they get blocked too. I’ll get them all shortly if this works.

Update (Oct. 15: 2pm):
Ok, after removing the suspect posts I’ve had access to my site all day. As such, I’ve edited the posts, removing any “sensitive” material, and they are now where they belong below. Assuming this doesn’t all backfire and I still lose access – enjoy what is now old news. bah!

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