Burger King in Suzhou?

After a night out at the Shamrock, Suzhou’s defacto Irish pub, surrounded by fellow non-Asian faces most of which are rattling on in English, it’s sometimes easy to forget where you are.

This is likely why, while sipping some post-closing brew at a little canal-side gazebo (Suzhou’s cool that way) around the corner that a bit of garbage almost went without notice.

Sitting nearly as unassumingly as myself and my fellow inebriated companions was your everyday, garden-variety fast food take-away cup. However, it was the logo that, again making it closely kindred to us drunk laowai, made it stick out.

To my three readers in Suzhou, has Burger King opened up shop in our fair city? Or is some devious Shanghai Ren playing a horrible horrible joke on me – taunting me with their easy access to bacon double cheese burgers.

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