Blog redesign, take 5-ish

As will be apparent to everyone reading this, sans feed readers, the blog is undergoing a bit of reconstructive surgery. Please bear with me as I juggle the redesign of the site with “real” work.

I had nothing against the last design (despite it borrowing 5 bucks and not paying it back), but after having it for nearly two years I was starting to itch for something new. So, I sat down Sunday morning and killed the ass-end of my weekend whipping up what you see before you. There are still a bunch of kinks I need to work out, and a few features I want to add, but she’s mostly there.

A few months back I started including here on links to articles I’ve written on other blogs I blog at. I did this because I noticed I hadn’t been updating here as much as I did at one point, but was blogging more than ever. I was trying to find a way to make this site give a clearer picture of what’s going on with me — being that it’s my blog and all.

You’ll notice that I’ve continued with this idea, but have shrunk the off-site posts to a simple headline. I didn’t like under the old design how my Humanaught posts were largely drowned out by the off-site posts. I wanted people to know about them, but not at the cost of losing this site’s content. So, now you’ll always see the most recent post right up at the top of the main page, followed by the 20 most recent posts I’ve written (anywhere) – summary versions for on-site and headlines for off-site. Hopefully this organizes the content and makes it all simple to navigate/skim.

Also inline with trying to make this site as clear a picture of my digital life as possible, I’ve increased the visibility of my Twitter updates — taking it from an obscure box in the footer to the top-spot in my sidebar. This better represents the importance Twitter has become in my online experience.

Additionally, there have been some damn fine improvements to WordPress since my last site redesign, and I’m working at incorporating them into this theme (most obvious to visitors will be the threaded comments).

Should you get lonely for the old layout, fear not – it’s on the Way Back Machine. I look forward to your thoughts on the new design.

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