Arrrg me matey!

China Imprisons Two Americans For DVD Piracy
I’m sort of indifferent to the whole thing, but I’ll be a little disappointed if these guys have pooched my ability to send my steadily growing DVD collection home at the end of my time here in China. It’s also amusing that it stresses the “Americans arrested” angle… yet it’s all very open and on the table here. It’s not like I’m going to some shady back room to buy DVDs (man, that would be cool). It really is as simple as going down to a local DVD store (which are numerous, even here in Jinzhou) and getting any movie you want. Ex. I just picked up Sin City the other day.

Well, Sarah’s made it to Beijing. I got a somewhat panicked call on my mobile in the middle of my class last night with her at the airport and not a soul there to pick her up. I’m losing my faith that Leo Hostel knows what it’s doing with pickups as they botched mine too. I can only assume that she did manage to get to the hostel and in turn get to the Great Wall today… but I’ve not heard from her yet… so she could still be trapped at the Beijing airport. Meh, her flight’s tomorrow.. she’ll be alright. haha.

I’m settling in quite comfortably to this roommateless-ness, and have already begun to develop a penchance to door-open bathroom visits. Life is sweet.

As of tomorrow night I (somewhat unofficially, as I’ve still adult classes this week) begin my May Holiday. That’s right folks, it’s been nearly a whole month since I had a week off… time for another holiday. What the hell. May Holiday is the Labour Day for China… it’s technically May 1st, but big companies, and our little school, close for about 10 days – factor in the placement of those days, and I get about two weeks off.

Every Chinese person I bump into asks me where I’m going for the holiday – but it looks like I’ll be sticking close to home as I’m pretty broke. Alan, Vanessa, Lorna and I mentioned possibly getting together and going somewhere near by – perhaps going to this allegedly nice looking valley a few hours north (Northern China’s answer to Guilin, oh, Guilin is this beautiful city in the south surrounded by drastic landscapes). I’ve also got to sort out this chest x-ray in Shenyang for my Aussie visa – so, maybe I’ll be doing some travelling after all.

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, we’ll just have to wait and see (that’s for anyone that’s ever taught from an SBS 2 book, or a C7 class).

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