Alright, Time To Vote!

China Blog Awards 2007As I announced a week or two ago, the 2007 China Blog Awards is on, and voting is going full-force. So, be sure to take a trip over, check out the categories, and cast some votes.

I’m currently being beat (in no small amount) by Shopgirl, so please:

Go vote for me

Don’t let me live in that shame.

You can also vote for Lost Laowai while you’re there.

Additionally, if you have a blog and you want to display a graphic begging for votes (as I am), I’ve created an image you can use – and it even comes in four fruity flavours.

Just right-click and save the file. Please don’t link to the files, but rather save it to your own site. The images are 200×240, feel free to resize it as needed.

Best of luck to all in the runnings!

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