A Mighty Wind

So, about two minutes ago I was given some startling news… I’m in the middle of a typhoon. Ok, not ‘technically’ the middle, sorta top/left. [Typhoon Matsa]

I had noticed it was a bit wet & windy this morning, but never having been in a typhoon I guess I failed to recognize it for what it is. The downside to it is it killed a guy yesterday in Shanghai, it is making my apartment a bit warm as I’ve had to batten all the hatches, and it’ll make my eventual quest for food a damp one.

The upside? School’s been cancelled for today and tomorrow. I don’t know how much mention I’ve made of it, but the last few weeks have been rough with only one real day off a week. So this will be a nice, if somewhat house-bound, break.

I hope the damn thing has the manners to dissipate before Thursday as I am rather looking forward to the trip up to Jinshitan (Golden Pebble Beach) with Maggie and the other girls from work.

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