A few changes around here

For a few months now I’ve wanted to change the look of this site, but never seem to have the time to do it. So, in an effort to at least get the site partly doing what I want it to, I’ve started making some changes.

I’ll be tweaking some design elements over the next little while, but the biggest change is that I’m now importing posts I write at all my blogs (Lost Laowai, The Tech Dynasty, Dao By Design and Tip Trick Mod) into my stream here.

Though this blog’s focus is primarily on my expat life in Suzhou, I also want it to be a bit of a snapshot of me in general, and with so many writing/blogging projects on the go across the Web, I wanted a way to pull them all together.

If you are a reader of my other blogs, don’t fret, I’ll not be clogging up your feed readers with a bunch of duplicate content. The Humanaught feed will only contain articles specifically written for this blog. Also, all content coming from off-site (say from my new CNET Asia blog) will be clearly marked, and link directly to the original post.

Thanks for your patience if you happen to be at the site while I’m mucking about.

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