#080808 – Everybody Ba Ba Ba

So the day is upon us. 08/08/08 is here – the Olympics have arrived.

And in good Web meme fashion, the China Twitterati have come up with the #080808 campaign.

I first read about it from David Feng over at CNReviews after having seen everyone on my Twitter list 080808’ing their avatars.

It was started by Flypig and (as all things do on Twitter) spread rapidly from there.

Never one to shy away from a chance to flex my creative muscles for fun, I’ve whipped up my own little #080808 image.


If you’re not feeling too creative, but would still like to have your own – you can grab the “official” #080808 campaign template here. You wont be alone – here are a few of the Twitterati taking part in the meme (as collected by YUKI.N)

#080808 Twitterati

Then, to take part, simply add #080808 to your Tweets.