With not much time to write anything, here are a few links that I’ve been meaning to mention.

Hotel Ninja: You may have noticed the link to Hotel Ninja on my sidebar. This is my newest sponsor and as they’ve done me the wonderful pleasure of sending me some cash, I figured I’d suggest you go check out their site and see if it is useful to you. Basically they search a number of hotels in a wide variety of locations to find you cheap prices. They also list (or will) small, independent hotels not found on the big sites. And c’mon, they’ve got “ninja” in their name!

Expat Interviews: This site interviewed me a couple days ago about my experiences living abroad. There are a few familiar names under the China section of the site (Rick/Kevin) that they’d hit up for this ‘honour’. It’s a neat site that gives you some insight into the types of people that choose to make other countries their homes.

The Humanaught: Wait, that’s me. Yeah, love thy self, link thy self is what I always say. Actually, this is just to say that I’ve re-done the Humanaught entry page to focus a bit more on this blog and less on the other stuff… what was that other stuff anyway? Lemme know what you think.

SLOB Hall of Fame: Joining the likes of Violet Eclipse and fiLi’s World, I’m the latest in a line of Chinese-related blogs to be given a SLOB Award and a funky graphic.

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