Creating wallpaper

I’ve created a new Flickr set for a little hobby of mine – creating desktop/Web site backgrounds or wallpapers. They are admittedly quite amateurish to the amazing stuff already out there, but I get a kick out of it.

So much of my day is spent designing stuff with a very specific purpose, it’s nice to have an outlet whereby I can let my creativity just go where it may. Alright, how much creativity can there be in a simple textured background? Not much, but the majority of the ones in there now were just quickies. However, I’m looking to dive deeper into digital art, and my first dip is this one:


The image is hugely inspired by the amazing work of Nathan Smith, whose designs I have (and will likely continue to) borrow liberally from.

You can check out the other backgrounds and keep tabs on new ones in my Wallpapers & Backgrounds Flickr set.

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