Alright, I’ve not much time on here, but I just wanted to quickly say that I did indeed make it to the airport in SF (a feet that questions the validity of our space-time continuem) and have survived the flight to China.

I’m in my new home, Jinzhou (or is it Jinzhuo…), a “small” city just outside of Dalian (small in China is a VERY different term than it is in the rest of the world…this place is huge). I’m at the school I’ll be teaching it. I just got back from a wedding (of all things) and am about to head back to my flat and await for my roomie to get home and show me around the area.

I’ve no money as ATMs that accept my card are all in Dalian – thankfully my manager, Sherry, has lent me 200 yuan (like $25) so I can eat until Wednesday, when I’ll be in Dalian for orientation and can grab some cash.

So yeah, safe and sound. No worries.

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