Haikou Airport Pickup

Haikou Airport PickupI’ve learned to set my expectations low with service in China. I don’t mean for that to come off too jaded, but there’s only so many times you can say “it’s just done differently here”. So, when I do get amazing service, I love sharing it for both the benefit of anyone who happens upon this blog (or my in person just as incoherent, rambling) and for any small affect it may have on said service’s business.

Preamble over. Should you ever need pickup from the Haikou or Sanya airports, or transit between the two cities, Mr. Sheng is your man.

Maggie booked the pickup through Sheng’s Taobao site. He was super flexible with our arrival time as well as our need to trek a couple kilometres away and pick up our dog from the cargo delivery place. We used him again to help us move our stuff from our temporary apartment to our new place, and he was just as professional, prompt and friendly.

We were a bit nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find a pickup that could accommodate us, all our luggage and a big crate with a dog in it. Fortunately, Sheng’s got a small fleet at his disposal with a cheaper car pickup, or the slightly more SUV pickup (which we used). He also can handle medium-sized groups with a 9-12 seater van.

If you don’t have a Taobao account, you can call him directly at 4006778988. His English is good enough that with a bit of patience and speaking clearly, you should have no problem communicating. Let him know the laowai with the big dog sent ya 😉

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