Proud to be a Canadian (expat)

I love Canada, I truly do.

For all the grief that myself and my fellow compatriots give the country, it really is top shelf as countries go. Sure, it’s a bit vanilla when it comes to foreign affairs and global influence; a bit archaic when it comes to political makeup; and, well, a bit cold.

But it’s clean, big, relatively safe, under-populated and has enough of a balance between social conscience and capitalistic motivation for my liking.

The question that shadows me every day I live abroad, and is usually not far from the lips of my family, is “when will I move home”. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there was spark of desire to do so, but all I can say for now is, “not yet.”

Mags and I have some plans that I will discuss in a separate post, and the majority of them will keep us in China for the near future. But not forever. One day I am sure I will leave the Middle Kingdom and return to the True North Strong and Free, turning the tables on my laowainess and putting my wife in the confused-foreigner chair (something I sadistically revel the thought of) – just “not yet”.

Happy Canada Day everyone.

Canada, Please! – Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

Sorry if you’re in China without VPN and thus can’t see the embedded YouTube video above.

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