Feeding The Dog At The Table

Right. So I did it. Despite moral objections to the way in which the animal is killed, I can officially say – for the first time in my life – that I have cold, dead dog in my fridge.

After class today my neighbour Matthew and I went out for some Korean food. By and by it was all quite delicious. I cannot remember what any of it was called unfortunately, but please do give me credit, I am working my ass off trying to learn as much Chinese as I can – Korean is just not in the cards right now.

The dinner started with little dishes of various things being brought as appetizers (spicy cabbage is now one of my favs), then a grill in the middle of the table was lit and a bunch of (bacon looking) pork was set on it. You eat this by putting the cooked peice of meat in a lettuce leaf, adding some spicy peanut sauce (and whatever else you want from the table), folding and shoving in your mouth.

Next up was rice and goodies that basically all cook in front of you in a hot stone bowl – it was delicious. The dog soup was last; incidently why most of it is sitting in my fridge. I did however grab a few bits so I could give it a go while ol’ yeller was still hot. I had asked a number of people what dog tasted like, and reviews were mixed – now I know why. It isn’t really like any other meat… but similar enough that it’s confusing. It’s sort of like beef I guess, but softer – in a just as chewy sort of way.

It’s funny that I got through Thailand having only eaten one paste made of a bug, and some unfortunate ants that picked the wrong hungry man’s food to try and steal… but I’ve only been here a couple weeks and I’ve tried so many new and unusual things. I’m trying to keep as open a mind as possible, and am just taking as much in as I can.

So, it looks like I’ve managed to convince some of my Dalian friends to make the trip up here this weekend to check out all that Jinzhou district has to offer. My directions via e-mail were a bit convoluted, so they may end up in Shanghai or something… (that’d be a hell of a shared taxi ride)… but I am excited about having guests.

Also, I think I’ve (A) managed to weasel my way into a lesson on making dumplings that Annie (from the earlier post’s photos) is giving to the boys next door and (B) decided to have a pot luck dinner during Spring Festival. Doris said she’d come, and Annie is already talking about it… so… I think it’s a go.

Oh, one last thing while on the topic of food and drink… I bought a bottle of Chinese wine last night and though I was assured by the cashier that it was DRY… it tasted like someone had poured 1/2 a bag of sugar in it… I had been warned that Chinese wine was sweet… but, blah! It was drinkable… but not great. I will perhaps try a different brand…and learn the characters for DRY RED.

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