Bring On The Easter

It took until my third Easter in China, but I’ve finally celebrated the holiday with some amount of pomp and circumstance. Sadly there were no chocolate eggs, but I did manage to pull together a sampling of some of the Easter food Maggie might experience had we been in Canada.

We managed turkey (though it was roasted like duck), stuffing (from a box), mashed potatoes and gravy.

The gravy was the hardest part. I searched all day for a recipe that didn’t involve using drippings from something cooked in an oven, nor some hard-to-find easy-additive solution.

Eventually I sorted it out and combined a few sets of instructions and came out with something pretty half decent – only to open the box of StoveTop and find a free instant gravy package included. 他妈的!

easter200701.jpg easter200702.jpg

Sometimes I forget how ‘Chinese’ my wife is. After instructing her that she should just spoon a bit of everything onto her plate I turned away just long enough for her to put it all on there and mix it together. When I asked her why she was eating gravy-stuffing-mashed potatoes in one stirred mess, she said she thought that’s what I meant by “all together on the plate”. Sigh.

I made a believer out of her however, and I’ll be making mashed potatoes on a semi-frequent basis from now on.


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