Smiles On The Horizon!

First things first: Barcelona Photos

And next.. just wanted to say quickly that I arrived safely in Firenze (Florence) last night and am staying with the most wonderful couple, Francesca and Gianluca. It is hard for me not to love anyone that has a beautiful authentic Tuscan meal and wine for me, never mind a queen size mattress and a hot shower!

I had a bit of a scare the other day when I checked my bank account and it read $3.50. This was not alleviated by the fact that I only had 15 euro in my pocket. I had assumed my mom had deposited a cheque of mine before she left for the Dominican Rep. for two weeks… but nope. So… thankfully everything was well timed and my mom returned that night, deposited money the next day and I also got a great belated Christmas gift from my Uncle… so I am sorted again! Still not enough money to actually make it through two months in the Land of A Thousand Smiles… but hey, I have made it this far…

Well… dinner is cooking and wine is breathing… so time to go be a good guest and an even better freeloader! haha.



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  1. mmm sunshine

    It is cold.. still cold… yes yes I know it’s winter an I live in Canada, I am well aware:P

    You missed out on a rather cool poker party…..I take that back, who am I kidding, you are missing out on nothing:P it can basicaly all be repeated when you get back:P

    I can’t even imagine how good you are going to be at stretching a buck when you get back:P, and I can’t wait for some travelers to freeload in your place, it would be a blast to meet people that for some reason find there way to welland.. why would anyone come to welland , well other then for a free place to stay:P

    Did I mention I was jealous.. well now I am more jealous, the warmth alone is makeing me green with envy!
    Oh its 8:30 am and I should mention that I haven’t slept, so if my post was more annyoing then normal, well that is the reason.
    I should stop now:P
    take care;)

    • Re: mmm sunshine

      I am going to change my info to say “Niagara Falls” as I think more people will come if I say that.. because you’re right, NO ONE is going to come to Welland.

      I heard about the poker party… and I heard there was a cool chick there (other than the usual cool chicks and my sister..).

      Well it is like a thousand degrees here… so cold is not even a thought to me… unless it is to drink.

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