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  1. burn baby burn!

    That pic of the boats reminds me of survivor:P

    Looking at that one pic of you all inside the boat made me realize how many people had the same idea as you!, it’s nuts, how do you all do it!, crazy yet amazing, there has to be a rather easy bond with travelers, soooo cool!

    Nice apron:P purple is your colour;)

    Why with a languange that h is not pronounced is there so many words with h in them???

    I am excited to not be a little chicken and try some of the thai food you create when you get home!.

    Did you hear that Julie is coming back in July, but just for a visit, then she is going back for another year!!!!!:( I know she is happy there but it sucks, I miss her.

    I won 30 bucks the other week at poker:P weeeee the highest pot yet, but as cory points out .. his 29. 75 was a higher % of the pot seeing as there was less people.. shhhh let me have my glory!

    Keep safe, have fun.. and try to keep your ant intake minimal:P

    • Re: burn baby burn!

      Yeah… leave it to Cory, the guy that took one semester of statistics and CONTINUALLY states that you can prove ANYTHING with statistics… (statistically speaking of course), to come up with how he actually did better… way to go on the pot man… that’s a good haul… expect to lose it all when I get home.. I may be rusty, but I’m rested!

      Well.. that was just one boat and it was a week away from the full moon party… so now I’m sure they’re even more packed.. there are boatloads (literally) of people showing up… I think Hat Rin has accomm for something like 2,000 people and it is already sold out completely.. there are just people randomly wandering around with backpacks and no place to go.

  2. man alive

    My goodness me, Ryan, you sure know how to complain a lot. Screw that! Jaysus man, you’re in Thailand, travelling around in the sun and having a laugh, so quit moaning about the long journeys, and the heavy packs, and the ants in your food, and how much you miss Cass, etc etc ETC, as it doesn’t make for interesting reading. It really doesn’t. Write about the surrounds! The culture! More quirky people! And the drugs man… how was it for you?

    I’m just being honest, from one sculpture of words to another.


    • Re: man alive

      Haha.. well.. I write as I feel right… so if I am sitting there contemplating my belly button and want to right about it… that’s sorta writer’s perspective… if I sat here and spent 30 minutes trying to devise a way to make that entertaining, that’s just pretentious… but I’ll do what I can.. I mean I owe it to everyone to make this entertaining right? Because everyone spends time thinking up ways to entertain me..


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