Ok, just in case ….

So, this entry isn’t really an “entry” per se, but rather just a quick update incase I get abducted when I attempt to hitch hike to Manchester tomorrow and am swept off into some human-trade slave organization – in which case I would not get to do an update, and I’m sure you’d all be distraught – so, I’m doing it now.

I’ve spent the last few days in Woodbridge on the east coast of England. Departing London was painful, as I’ve made such awesome friends there and hopefully I’ll be able to see them again soon. I’ve been staying with Ruth’s mom and sister. They are great!

Tomorrow I’m off to Manchester. I spoke to Dani last night for the first time. She is the girl that I met through Globalfreeloaders who is putting me up in Manchester for the weekend. She, incidentally, is from Fenwick! Crazy, small world we live in! I’m pretty excited to meet her, and it sounds like I’ve got an exciting weekend ahead of me – assuming I get there.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing tomorrow. I mean, I’ve never hitched before… so this will be interesting. I bought a Britian A to Z road map guide, and I have a rough idea where the highway is… so… wish me luck!

I went into Ipswich today, which is actually a city of some size. It’s not huge or anything, but it’s bigger than I thought. I went to their two museums and learned all about the area as well as a bit of English history. It’s weird being in a place that was heavily bombed during World War II – very interesting stuff.

Alright, me and Sarah Joy are going to go see if the little store across the street has any movies we both find agreeable.


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  1. Bulbs of mystery

    hey hey, well , wait… that is hey if you get to read this:| if you don’t then …well I will add you to my report on serial killers, and what not to do:P

    ok I have a question(keep in mind these are only for the living)
    you know those ikea christmas bulbs i took off you?…the white ones…well do you happen to have any idea where the adaptor is to them:|
    or by chance did you lose it?……..just wonderd if you had a bunch of adaptors in a bag or something , and they are in one of 40 boxes at your sisters , so you know I can go through them all because their is a special adaptor to it so I can just use anyone…well I could but I fear I would wake up to my house on fire or something just as wonderfull.

    This isnt all that important, seeing as I can always just take them off the tree, but incase you just happen to know where it is then cool, but if not, meh no big deal.

    Nothing like a person asking you about christmas ornaments when you are possibly being abducted as we speak:|

    Here is hopeing you make it to your destination( raises beer and drinks)

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