Not to sound like a prick…

Hey… so right, not to sound like a jerk or anything, but I do go a bit out of my way to keep you all informed (and if you’re reading this, this means you) about my travels and I know that sometimes the tediousness of day-to-day life can get in the way of you considering that perhaps the guy that is like 10,000 km away from home might like to hear what you think… or perhaps you didn’t know he cared.. but he does!

If you read this, or look at the photos… please send me a little comment (by clicking the Leave A Comment link, of all things, at the bottom of each entry). You don’t have to be a LiveJournal member… but if you don’t it will sign it anonymously, so please sign your name. I know it’s late in the game for this now… but really, I’d love to hear what you think, or just that you’re reading things.



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  1. If it means that much to you….

    K, your little somewhat guilt inducing rant is making me type
    some stuff here so you know I’m still reading and seeing the pics.
    So sorry to hear about your tumble and the injuries from your
    motorbike accident, the pic of your arm was rather grotesque!
    Understandably you are sad but think of what you’ve accomplished and
    feel good about that. And you still have so much to do, trips to go
    on, people to meet, cultures to experience, etc etc. So cheer up!
    later my friend 🙂

    • Re: If it means that much to you….

      Wow! See.. this is why I want the feed back!!! I had no idea you were still reading this Sarah… cool!! Now all I have to do is get you to write me e-mails and we’re sorted! 🙂

  2. Be patient mon ami

    It is frustrating when you are travelling for so long because relatively mundane news from home is interesting to you (because it’s different than what you are experiencing). However, you are posting about things that many back home can only imagine by reading your words and seeing your pictures. Somehow “what happened at the office today” seems pretty dull and uninteresting. So be patient with your pals back home mon ami – it’s not that we/they don’t care.

    (in case you didn’t get the UR – the U stands for Uncle)

    • Re: Be patient mon ami

      And the R? 😉

      Yeah… I guess I’ll get my share of boring, mundane stuff in a week when I get home.. but sigh… I can count the number of e-mails updating me on the status of things back home on my hand… that’s about one e-mail for each month I’ve been away… and considering the number of friends… you’d think maybe that’d be more… but out of sight out of mind I guess.

  3. Hey–I was given this link by my friend simon in Inverness. Seems like you and I mooched off him as globalfreeloaders! I have enjoyed checking in and reading all about your adventures. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. take care,

    • Too Cool

      Hey, that is awesome! Grab my e-mail from Simon and drop me a note… I’d love to hear about your travels/time with Simon! haha. Peace.

  4. Aww, poor Ryan, travelling the world, seeing things in 4 months that many dont get to see in a lifetime, having the time of his life, meeting new people and having new experiences everyday….and his friends are not emailing….life’s tough eh buddy? 😉

    I’m just teasin ya man! I agree with whoever the uncle is. Most of us probably just assume that you dont want to hear about the everyday boring things that happen here in our little towns. But of course we should not assume this.

    I am reading, but I am reading in sections. Every once in a while, I sit down and go back to the day I left off and try to catch up. I think I sat here for an hour a couple weeks ago just reading your journal alone!

    SO chin up buddy, we do miss you, and you are NOT out of sight out of mind. Dont ever think it.

    • Nadine? Nadine who? Hahahaha.. just kidding – of course.

      Yeah… my point WASN’T that I’m not having an awesome time, nor am I asking for sympathy. I think maybe it just came across that way. What I was saying was that I go a bit out of my way to fill everyone in on where I’m at, what I’m doing and I don’t even get a hello from most people… and boring life, smoring life… life is what you make of it – honestly, if you can’t think of one exciting thing to tell a guy after not seeing him for 5 months, perhaps everyone should seriously reconsider what they’re doing with their lives!


      Love ya all though.

  5. I love reading!!

    Hey Ryan!

    So sorry that I’ve NEVER posted anything ever. I LOVE reading about your travels. I’ve read them ALL! As a desk bound person I truly enjoy reading about the sights, sounds, smells (not that much) and people you encounter. I check every day and am actually a little sad that my favorite reality adventure (the Ryan show) is ending. Thanks for letting us be a part of such a remarkable adventure 🙂 While I won’t be there upon your return to good ol’ Welland (California is a bit far for a pop over), my experience with the place makes me happy for your return home….

    Thea, your common law sister-in-law 😉

    • Re: I love reading!!

      You REALLY must not have spent enough time in Welland if you are “happy” for my return home 🙂 Trust me, it is NOT the city that is bringing me home… it’s about equal parts missing my friends and family and lack of money – but trust when I get my fill of both, I’ll be off again and The Show will continue!! The sequel, like Survivor, will take place in Australia (funny that a good portion of this and the first Survivor was on an island or two)… and who knows.. maybe Africa is next, but that season sucked ass… so… maybe we’ll skip it and go right back to an island. 🙂

      Eventually maybe I’ll just travel with a bunch of people I’ve met along the way, and I can call it the All-Star season!

      Haha.. but honestly, I was really surprised when my mom said you were reading and I’m flattered that it has become a bit of a routine for ya! I’ll try not to take too long for the second season.


  6. how many museum curators indeed…

    Here we go. Braving the internet. A certain creepy Canadian, (in association with Google) has taught me that however subtle you think you’re being, however innocent your intentions, someone, somewhere is going to track it down and stick it up on the internet for the rest of the world to laugh at. Might as well get in first.
    So, I do read your journal. I get jealous too, like everyone else, of what amazing things you’re doing. You’re ‘just’ getting on a boat and popping over to this island or the other (and I’m panicking about going out to the outer suburbs for a job interview!)… but you’re in a country on the other side of the world, you don’t speak the language, you knew no one, you had no money, no ‘fall back plan’… (you’re either very brave, or incredibly stupid)
    I laugh at your godawful puns… the mad things you do. (However offer no sympathy) I cringe when I see the word “Cass”…
    I sit there for ages in complete awe of your photos until I realise that I should pick my jaw back up because I’m drooling. …which gets me into a lot of trouble at Uni. I could tell them it’s part of my course, but I don’t think Latrobe EOE offers “studies in stunning south east asian scenery with optional major in tanned Canadian boys”. Pity.

    • Re: how many museum curators indeed…

      Pity indeed! Or else I could help you do your homework. (man, that was too good!).

      Thanks for breaking your vow and commenting in a journal. Perhaps now people will stop saying you don’t actually exist – I mean, no photo, no comments… but don’t worry, I’ll forward them all that dental office photo…

  7. I am a friend of Nadine’s, I noticed you on her friends list and just started to read your entries. I am living vicariously through your trip and love to see your pictures.

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