How Frigin Cool Am I!!!!

That’s right folks – officially published travel writer Ryan McLaughlin. 🙂

Stay tuned for more as the editor is “looking forward” to what I come up with next.

I just got back from a day trip to Meteora – it was incredible. It’s this place in sorta North Central Greece that has all these monestaries up on top of these clifts.

Looks like this…

(not my photo.. but I have lots.. no worries… I just have to format them).

I met this really cool guy named Richard who runs a runner/triathelon publication in Salt Lake City, UT. He told me the best way up to the monestaries.. and let me tell you, it was a hell of a hike! I only had about four hours before the last train left Kalambaka (the city at the base of Meteora), and so had to motor it… and now I can only imagine the people beside me in this internet cafe are wishing I had taken my time.. or showered before coming here.. but can’t… I’m off to Olympia first thing in the morning. Olympia is the setting for the original Olympic Games so many centuries ago.

Alright.. just wanted to brag!! 🙂

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  1. Brag Away…Brag Away…

    Usually I regard people’s bragging as a pity way to attain attention, but you know what? Brag away. I do believe, my friend Ryan, you have ample reasons to brag, especially now.
    Congratulations 🙂

  2. So friggen cool!

    I read your article it was very good!, I will be looking forward to the book:P

    Greece who woulda thunk it, I mean I would have thought it to be so beautiful that the scenery alone would make the trip worth while, but when you are looking at scafolding and construction crap well you really have to be a fan of wood and dump trucks to enjoy that.

    So how about a general weather update where you have been and where you are, im just trying to get myself more jealous seeing as we are living in an ice box.
    Did you know that the last time lake erie froze was the blizzard of ’77!!!!!
    Well it’s frozen again:| Not that I belive in psycics per say, but many have said that there is going to be a blizzard worse then ’77, so if you don’t get any responce from anyone in welland at some point in time, well that might be because we are coverd in snow and much to busy digging our houses out of the snow to get the power lines back up:| Oh how much fun would taht be.. I just had the thought of being reverted back to a little house on the prarie type living for a week, scary and rather cold and boring life:|

    • Re: So friggen cool!

      Hahaha… meh, maybe it would be good for everyone to break their connections with the technological world that binds us… maybe just for a little while.

      Yeah, Greece sucked. The scenery is NOT beautiful. I am sure on the islands it is… but to get a good idea of what Athens is like, picture the crappiest, dirtiest place in Toronto, and now imagine if ALL of Toronto was like that… then you are close. Meh… I have sworn to give it a second chance… but blah!

      I am in Barcelona, Spain, right now and lovin it. Stay tuned for an update.


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