My favourite photos

I think once, in my ignorance, I may have rashly stated that I would never be one of those dads that subjects anyone who’ll look to photos of their kid. As the majority of postings since Casey was born have proven, I was terribly wrong about that.

But in an effort to revisit a time when I took photos of more than just the cutest baby in the entire world, I’ve created a new collection on Flickr of my favourite photos I’ve taken over the past few years. Some of them are rather horribly over-processed due to at the time having equal parts poor hardware, poor software and poor skills.

Here’s the first 28, check out the whole set here.

Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey… 😛

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  1. Hi Bud, I am honoured to make the collection. That was a great photo, even if I do look a little older than I’d care to admit. Hopefully you can do a follow-up when we see you guys next year.

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