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Yesterday was Qīngmíng Jié (清明节) here in China, better known in English circles as “Tomb Sweeping Day”, and while I have no tombs to sweep in Suzhou, it was nice to use the holiday as an excuse to slack off for most of the day and not feel guilty about it. With the baby coming in just a few weeks, I’ve been assuring early-onset arthritis with the number of hours I’ve been working. Taking a bit of time to unwind was nice.

Maggie, Button and I spent most of the afternoon with our good friends, and about 1.3 billion others, down at the nearby lake. Between our big dog and their beautiful baby with big bright blue eyes, we grabbed a bit of attention — somewhat of a rarity in the expat-saturated neighbourhood we live in.

Aside from a nice stroll outside yesterday, I also finally got around to taking some pregnancy photos of Maggie. We’ve been talking about doing them for ages, but it always seemed to slip deeper down the “todo” list. However, about to hit week #35, the pressure to get it done or risk never having them gave us the kick in the pants we needed.

Having ventured out a few times now to check out our local maternity- and baby-goods buying options, I’ve seen no shortage of studios offering to take the photos for us. And while I’m sure they would have done a much better job than myself, the thinness of my wallet wouldn’t allow it. That said, I’m pretty happy with what we managed to take. As is Maggie, the proof being that she’s letting me share them 🙂

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  1. Really beautiful photos! I wish you the very best (for childbirth, breastfeeding support, hospital care, and so on). Seeing a little child grow is the best thing in the world.

  2. Hey bro, those pictures are GORGEOUS! Maggie is so beautiful and we are all so excited for your new addition – can’t wait!! As I’m sure Dana and Brad would say, enjoy sleeping while you can 😉 But I have to add even being an aunt, watching them grow and being around for all the small moments is really amazing. I think you will both make fantastic parents. Love that belly and congrats and hugs to you both!

  3. Nice photos Ryan! Just wondering, did Maggie consented to you putting pictures of her half nude on the net for the whole world to see?

  4. Very nice shots Ryan. Would have done the same with my wife, except she don’t want to go semi-nude on the net. So saving those pics I took on our computer instead 🙂

  5. Dear Ryan and Maggie, WOW, Maggie should be modelling in Elle, or Parenting Magazines!! She looks soooo beautiful. I’d show off my body too if I looked like that – even NON-preggo! Can’t wait to see our new grandson. All my love.

  6. Hi Ryan

    Just to point out the obvious, the previous comment by “someone” is completely pathetic and ignorant (someone trying to wind you up?) and please don’t deign to respond to it. Lovely photos! And the one with Button and Belly Button is the best 😉

  7. Thanks everyone. Heading to the doctor’s this morning for our now-weekly checkup. It’s only a matter of time before we all get to see the contents of that belly!

    @Someone: Read the post.

    @kim: “Button and Belly Button”, love it! Just changed the title on Flickr.

  8. I’ll second Little Sister: enjoy sleeping while you can! Also, make sure you’re prepared now for that mad dash to the hospital — KX’s water broke at the very beginning of week #37. 🙂

    • Just officially hit 37 weeks. Baby’s still not dropped, but the bags are packed and ready to go. Pretty much the only thing I’ll have to grab in the case of a mad dash would be my laptop and phone power cords.

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