Worth A Thousand Tears

Just made my daily trip over to EastSouthWestNorth Blog and his current post features a photo journalist named Maohair (毛孩儿) from Shenyang (about 5 hours north of here, and the capital of this – 辽宁 – province.

His photography is strikingly raw. It reads more like a CSI report than a portfolio, as most his work details the China that has just run headlong into a train, car, embankment, pot of boiling oil, etc. Needless to say, some of the photos aren’t for the easily disturbed.

A quick sampling (check out the original post for more):

[1] A father cries, his newly wed son and daughter-in-law were killed in a car accident. [2] The female passenger of the wrecked car checks her face before calling for help for the trapped driver.

The father of a boy just hit by a bus can do nothing but cover his face.

2 Responses

  1. The photos are really dreadful and it is really impossible to stay indifferent to all this sorrow. There was an anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe recently, which took place nearly 20 years ago in Ukraine. I found some photos, they are scary, but in another way than those featured here. You can look through them here:


  2. Wow, car accident and bus hitting kids. Thanks for the much needed normal tragidy, after suffering a whole month of Falun Gong’s “Auschwit” propaganda in anticipation of Chinese leader’s stateside visit.

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