Windows Dead Mail

That’s it, I give up. I’ve stuck with Hotmail since like ’97 or something…

Me and Hotmail, we’ve had some good times, we have. But I’m tired of having to battle with the commies to access my e-mail. I mean, I’m not exactly a political dissident, an active activist, or anything…

Besides, I have my site(s), I can just create any number of cool e-mails… like “ryan” or “me” or “itsmeryan” @…

And as it was written, thus it shall be. Hotmail, like some 16-year-old pregnant daughter in 1950s Dublin … you’re dead to me. And the CCP boys that think it’s cute that they have the power to block possibly the world’s largest e-mail provider… go fuc… have a nice day. (I don’t want to lose my Internet access completely).

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  1. I understand that it’s problems relating to Microsoft redirecting Hotmail to which they didn’t test thoroughly enough. The National Firewall’s software doesn’t like as a domain name when combigned with some other words in the URL.

    I read that somewhere, not sure if it was here or not.

    I don’t know when/if it will be fixed.


  2. I am guessing Torpark is a lot like the Tor/Privoxy anonmizer stuff I’ve got on my system at home?

    That’s alright, but a bit of a pain in the ass… and as you mentioned, slow. So… as I mentioned, I’ve got a site – why not use it. Plus I get to use the slightly faster, and better organized Outlook over Firefox’s gay layout of Hotmail Live… and should I need it, I’ve got Web access to all my server mail too.

    It’s going to take me a while to switch everything over and get used to not using Hotmail, but well.

  3. Not sure if this is true for everyone, and perhaps if you joined this system before they changed the rules it doesn’t apply – but now when you try to add an HTML-based account (Hotmail) to Outlook it takes you to the “Sign Up For Premium Services” page.

    I’m SO past hotmail. I’ve got myself all set up in Mozilla Thunderbird and I’m diggin’ it. I’ve used these e-mail accounts for a long time (my server ones) and maintained my hotmail one… so this just sorta cuts out a step.

  4. Yeah, I forgot they made it a premium service for anyone who didn’t already have it set up when they made the change. I gave Thunderbird a try too but thought it was missing a few things that are important to me. I might switch back to it when they add more features (such as a calendar) and allow devices to sync with it (gotta stay organised! lol).

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