Update: China’s Banned Films

UPDATE: According to a People’s Daily article, the Da Vinci Code has officially been removed from theatres to make room for domestic films this month. They have however allowed Ice Age 2 and Poseidon to continue playing.

The article additionally clears up what’s going on with Mission: Impossible 3. Apparently an edited version will be released to Chinese cinemas on July 20th. Scenes cut include parts of the movie that show Shanghai (and in turn China) looking poor or stupid. Some cut clips will likely include scenes showing laundry hanging in the street to dry (never see that here), and slow police response times.

Looks like I’ll be watching M:I3 on DVD. C’est La Chine Vie.

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  1. It’s sad sometimes when it can just be nailed so technically easy. Hope next time when someone gives an excuse of something, it could be more reasonable. Anyway, I like neither of these two movies, too much action in it, not my type.

  2. I heard yesterday that M:I3 might also be banned because there’s a poignant (if not short) scene that peddles a pro democracy line to the audience.

    Da Vinci Code, too much action? I didn’t find it so… but I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese kung fu films lately… and they bring new definition to “too much action”.

  3. One thing I can not endure is that Tom Hanks looks so old in The Da Vinci Code, it almost break up his good image in my heart.

  4. You want to see old. I just watched Bruce Willis in 16 Blocks the other night. Aside from being a pretty crap film, it showed that even the legendary John McClane gets old.

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