Training Day

Well, I’ve only managed to bump my count by 500 words (up to 6,425)… man, that 50K is looking further and further away. Today I did have a slightly reasonably reason for not getting things done though – I had to go to some training. I don’t know about the rest of the group, but personally I feel like a better, more prepared and generally just ‘with-it’ teacher now.

For what it’s worth Sera (the teacher trainer that replaced Lorna last month) did a good job of keeping us all doing stuff, and the material fit the topic. Basically what it came down to though was the subject was ‘classroom management’ and no matter how long and how hard you talk/think about it… kids are going to be kids. It was however a nice way to spend some time with some of the other teachers – as we all went out for lunch afterwards. There’s something so gratifying about drinking with people shortly after noon… perhaps it’s just when there’s a lack of people it makes me feel sad. 😉

After lunch a group of us went to the Electronic City by Carrefour (near Future 3) and did some serious DVD shopping. Though there were a number of others I would have liked to have got, I limited myself to these six:
Mail Order Wife
The Beach
& A Life Less Ordinary

Ok, self-affirming way I’ve wasted time today:

Thanks to Eric for making me feel good about myself. He’s 22% stupid.

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  1. Hey,I suppose it’s kinda workshop you went the other day, it’s very helpful sometimes, and it gives us a lot new staff, also sometimes. I’ve watched three of the movies you bought, can’t remember all the plot, but I watched the Mail Order Wife half way, which made feel depressed though, and the Instinct? I wonder which version you got. And the last one’s a good one.


  2. I’ve seen A Life Less Ordinary a bazillion times. It’s one of my favoroite love stories. In my eyes Danny Boyle can do no wrong – or at least has yet to. I love all his movies. I know how four of them on DVD (Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, The Beach, 28 Days Later) and am looking for a copy of Shallow Grave.

    As for Instinct, I’m not sure which version I have. There’s different versions?

  3. Oh,I might have been wrong, I checked it up on the Internet, the one I thought was called Basic Instint, which might not be the one you bought, but anyways, it’s a good one too. By the way, about A Life Less Ordinary, it has really funny plotting, really enjoyed but like Mr and Mrs Smith, which never occurs in life.

  4. Yeah, you can use the links in the post to see what movies I got. The “Instinct” I got is the one with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s a great film. Basic Instinct is alright… but not as deep as Instinct.

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