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Flickr ProAfter having used Flickr for a couple years, I’ve finally sprung for a Flickr pro account.

I was tired of being confined to a limited number of sets (categories for your pictures), and of being reminded that my account had reached the maximum number of photos that could be displayed.

When I first got a flickr account I didn’t buy into the whole “pro” thing, as even at $30/yr. I thought it was a bit steep. I had always assumed that some mimic service would come along and offer the same thing for free. And though some have, none offer the features and communal aspects of Flickr.

So, I’ll be hosting more and more of my photos there. And I’m also working at integrating this rather cool WordPress Flickr plugin into the site to create photo albums on here.

It also paves the way for me justifying buying a new DSLR. I mean hell, I’ve already got the pro Flickr account…

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  1. I had one for when i first came to china in 2006. ive since let it expire, in part for not having a credit card number to use while in china. it’s great to have and i’ll certainly be renewing my pro account this month.

    look forward to your shots. especially if you pick up that dslr.

  2. Not sure if it helps, but Flickr also accepts PayPal – as I don’t use credit cards, that’s a must.

    So far I’m really liking it. Certainly worth the $24 – particularly considering they gave me a bonus 3 months for signing up.

  3. Ha, I was looking into a pro account too.
    I went to Shanghai last weekend and took a couple of nice shots…940 to be exact 🙂
    I ran into the same requirements that only 200 pictures can be displayed and only 3 folders and things and I do like flickr too.

    So yeah, I will upgrade today.

    Btw, if you are looking for a DLSR Camera, I’ve got the Nikon D40 with 6,1 Megapixel and the 18-55mm Kit Lens, it is a fantastic camera and simple to use for beginners such as myself. Though, the Nikon D40x is an upgraded one and from what I’ve heard worth the extra money. The D40 I have with a 4GB SD Card and a camera bag was 400 Euro in total and fantastic.

    If you want to check out the pictures I took, just drop by at:[email protected]/


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