The Humanaught v3 – Coming Soon

Just a quick note to apologize for being so craptastic about frequent updates lately. I’ve been bogged down with work for clients (yeah, I’ve got “clients” now, I’m cool like that).

I’ve also been fiercely working on a new design for this site. Should be up by end of the day today. Bear with me if you catch things mid-stream…

On an aside, I use the term ‘craptastic’ enough to have had to explain it to my lovely wife, to whom English is a second language.

“You know ‘fantastic’ right? [nods]. You know ‘crap’ right? [nods again]. Well, when you put them together, you get something that is fantastically crappy – craptastic.”

It may seem like a stupid thing, hell, it is a stupid thing… but these little linguistic exchanges slay me. Things I thought I’d never have to “teach” someone.

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  1. I had to explain “tonsil hockey” to my Chinese mother once. With my Dad (from Oklahoma, USA) present. There was a lot of giggling involved…

  2. how about, ‘abso-fucking-lutely’.
    In linguistics, that’s called an insertion. Hence, a ‘fucking insertion’.
    Sorry…it had to be done.

  3. I have to agree with hek el chikano… I tend to go with “craptacular” more often. Of course, being from Jersey I give priority to expletives in most conversations.

  4. Jason, I’m not a anal retentive geek, but I was doing some grammar research the other day (part of my job teaching English, when I didn’t really pay attention in my own formative years) and its actually an infix.

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