The China Blog Awards: Third To None!

The China Blog Awards winners for 2007 have been announced!

It appears I have no taste when it comes to these things, as none but one of my pics took home a trophy.

As for myself, I came in 2nd to Beijing Boyce in the Personal Blogs category. I’m tickled, really. I mean, the fact that 155 people went and clicked a little plus sign to indicate they like this blog is a really nice thing.

Chinalyst is even handing out cool little “Runner Up” trophies for all half dozen “First Losers”.

And though I truly appreciate everyone who went the extra mile and voted for me, I’m afraid I’m not going to accept it.

The truth is, I feel a bit wrong displaying an award I created.

So, I’m happy to give the [deep breath] 2007 China Blog Awards Runner Up For Best Personal English-Language China Blog to the runner up runner up, Mysterious And Misplaced Logic of a Maniac Gone Awry – a great blog that everyone should read (and at least 149 people do!).

Props to the following:

And lets not forget the Zui Hao Best Blog Post portion:

Cheers to everyone who took the time and participated. And a big thanks to fiLi who made it all happen!

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  1. @Shopgirl: Read that first line and started to sweat… young girls with violence on their mind chasing me from city to city is secretly why I left Canada in the first place.

    As for places to shop/go – shopping is best at Guan Qian Jie, a big walking street that is actually a couple city blocks of shopping. Another good spot is Shi Lu, in the north west corner of the old city.

    Places to go? Pass on the Humble Admin. Garden (most famous), but go to the one next door – the Lion’s Grove. Tiger Hill is also pretty cool. But everything outdoors is hotter than the devil’s asscrack.

  2. Congratulations, Ryan. Even though I think you should display your award because you won second place fair and square,I thank you for passing it down to me and for linking/giving my blog some props. I always get a fuzzy happy feeling when people say nice things about my blog.

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