Soochow/Suzhou University Mandarin Program – Contact Info

As I’ve had no less than half a dozen e-mails asking me this, and as I can’t remember where I got the information initially, here’s some contact/prelim. information about Suzhou’s Soochow University Mandarin language program.

I’ve decided not to continue studying there for a whole number of reasons – none of which have to do with the quality of the teachers, whom I think are fantastic. However, if anyone should have any questions about my experience there, you’re welcome to leave a comment or contact me.

Soochow University Contact:

Admission Office
School of Overseas Education
Soochow University (East Campus)
50# Donghuan Road (215021)
Email: [email protected]

Some info:

This is all taken from e-mail correspondence between myself and the program administrator in August 2007 – it is likely out of date, so only use it as a guideline.

In our school, every semester we have about 400 students, so on the registration day there is placement test just to see the student current Chinese level so that we can put the student to the relevent class.

…tuition fee 7500 yuan RMB, the application fee 250 yuan plus the registration fee 250 yuan RMB.

And thanks to Google Map, I can show you all where it is:

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  1. All done with Uni? Isn’t it nice that we can just quit now? ; )
    Good luck on the self-study. I’m currently using the chinesepod/flashcard program (zdt)/occasional book triple attack method.

    By the way, if I don’t head back to the states during Spring Festival, I’m thinking of making a bike trip from Shanghai to Nanjing, stopping along the way. Suzhou being first on the list, think you would be interested in grabbing a beer? (That’s if my out of shape-ass isn’t dead already)

  2. G’day mate. Thought I would help with the complaining and all 🙂 Found this lovely nugget of info and I could not help myself. At least I can get steak pies and sausage rolls at Skoob, about 500 m from home. Cheers, stay warm and dry. Shitty weather, eh ?

    Yer mate,


  3. nihao!

  4. @Jason: I’ll have to check out ZDT. Am also looking at some new software I’m reviewing for Lost Laowai – expect my full report over there some day soon. And definitely let me know if/when you’re going to be in town. I might be heading to Dalian for a few days (familial obligations and all that), but otherwise I should be around.

    @Samantha: 我不是苏州大学的英语老师。以前我是苏州大学的学生。还是,也很高兴认识你。

    @Guests: First, how many guests are you? Please don’t tell me there are groups of people randomly visiting Web sites and commenting en masse! 😉

    It’s not a secret at all, I’m simply too busy with other things to commit to the rather grueling demands that studying full-time at university entails.

  5. I’ll check it out.
    I think I first found ZDT by a simple search. It’s nice though. Functions well and has a built in dictionary. (thus avoiding having to put in all the definitions oneself.) Which is convenient.
    Well, turns out that I am 回ing家! So, although I won’t be able to do the trip just jet, I’ll definitely let you know when I attempt it later this year.
    (Better to wait anyway. I came up with the idea when it was freakishly warm for a few days…well, it’s cold as hell now!)

  6. Will somebody please tell these damn Chinese universities to get over the whole Wade-Giles thing…Your quality of education isn’t any better because you change your “zh” to a “ch” or your “q” to a “ts.” Wade-Giles is soooo Great Leap Forward…Are you listening “Tsinghua”?

  7. @Ben: No kidding! It’s more of a “prestige” thing though, right? Soochow, as an example, has a history that goes back to before WWII and the Chinese civil war liberation… so I think that’s why they keep it – damn annoying though, particularly when you’re paying them to teach you Chinese.

    Oy! Jamieson, you Kiwi or Aussie?

    Sir Ed Hillary died, which may mean something to you if you’re Kiwi.

  9. What is the name of the department of 苏州大学 that you attended? I want to try and find the page on their Chinese website, but I can’t figure out what the hell they would call that department.

    Oh and thank you for putting this up. There isn’t all that much legit information about this university.

  10. hi ryan!!! i am maricel, i live in suzhou with my husband. my daughter is 16 yrs old and she wants to study chinese language first before she go to the university here in suzhou. do you have any advice for me what to do? i heard they dont accept 16 yrs of age. but my daughter will finish high school in june. she dont want to stop studying until she reach 18. need some advice. thanks!

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