Someone Thinks I’m Funny

Hey, I was trolling around the blogs of a few fellow China bloggers the other day, catching up on stuff that I’ve let slide since coming back to China in August. I stumbled upon some surprising news… I was nominated for a Best China Blog: Humor award.

Now, I get the sense – mostly from the rampant spamming on the nomination forums – that this awards thing has sort of grown weeds and been forgotten. And good thing too… as without a winner, the nominated will always live in the glory of “what if!!”… considering I’m up against Talk Talk China and The 88s (two perpetual top stories holders in the Hao Hao Report), it’s a good thing.

Thanks Meg for the nom, and congratz on the nomination as well. (I swear, we weren’t trading nominations… I totally would have, but someone beat me to nominating her cool blog and suggesting it ;-))

Well, I’m going to go think of ways to abuse my new found fame… perhaps I’ll erect a massive statue of myself pointing West at the local train station…

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  1. Hey Mr Bigshot top blogger…! Not been any videos for a while? I know you´re busy with assorted other tasks but I think your public is growing hungry for another insight into Chinese life, especially as you´ve swapped Dalian for Suzhou! Get on the case! Oh yeah, not that I´m trying to rub it in or anything but I´m assuming Chinese weather´s getting pretty cold at this time of the year (saying that, it was warm when I came over last year!)… but Barcelona´s still rocking the heat! 4th of October and it´s still 30 degrees C! Gotta love Catalunya!

  2. Yes i have to agree with Tom…congrats an another award and yes where are the frigin video blogs…do you realize that it’s been since July since we were opened up to China through video and not just words….hurry up Blog Master!!!

  3. Hey guys, one’s on the way.. I promise.. I’m stitching one together right now… but I feel it might be a bit bland….

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