Rick’s Web cam of the Japan Quake

My friend Rick, who lives in Tokyo, switched on his Web cam when things started to shake in Japan two days ago. Here’s the resultant video. There are quite a few videos floating around that show much more stunning imagery than Rick’s apartment wall and chair moving around, but for me at least it really gave a window into just how surreal experiencing a quake must be.

For more videos, news and general updates check out The Tokyo Post’s Japan Earthquake 2011 page. Information on how you can help can be found here. You can follow Rick on twitter here.

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  1. I grew up in the middle of an earthquake zone (San Francisco Bay Area) and can confirm that they’re not something you get used to. I remember feeling the faint rumbling from the Sichuan quake when I was living in Kunming and, as always, it was a nauseating swaying feeling.

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