Puppy Power in the PRC Part II

Well, it’s the end of day three with the puppy and I dare say there’s not a place she hasn’t marked with a little bit of puppy love.

The physics of a puppy astound me. I swear more comes out of her than goes in.

But for every ounce of patience she takes from me, she gains back points from the fact that she can be entertained for 10 minutes just by putting a towel over her head (she’s trying to navigate her way out as I type).

Just thought I’d post a photo that pretty much sums up my day.

Addie, not certain why she feels so guilty.

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  1. My gf and I got a puppy a week ago two weeks ago. Be very careful about letting her out anywhere, our dog is currently sick with CCV which is similar to Parvo. He’s doing well now after 5 days in the vet’s.

    Other then that we’ve cleaned up around 200 pee’s and poops already. I’ve done it before though so its not too bad for me, my girlfriend is amazed and horrified though!

  2. @Andy: She IS deceptively innocent! haha. She’s cleverly mastered the art of “don’t be mad, I’m a cute puppy.”

    @John: We’re under strict orders not to take her outdoors until she’s 4 mo. + old. So, about another month and a half of her indoors only.

    She’s out right now getting a shot, and will get a few more before the 4 month mark to make sure her immunities are as high as they can be.

    I’m chuffed because I taught her “sit” today. 🙂 Not bad for a 2 month old pup.

  3. Bloody 20six doesn’t seem to work any more Dammit.

    Ooohhh, yuck, an indoor dog ! We have one in this complex. The poor mutt’s owners bug out each day to go to work at 8 am and it is bored to doggy tears, locked in the apartment, no Nai Nai or Ye-Ye to amuse it, or take it for a walk.

    Yip-Yap…… Yip-Yap, like twice a minute.

    Gives me the shits, since it is on an endless loop all day.

    Just give me a sniper rifle with a laser targeter and telescopic sight and if you jump up to the window ledge (I’m in position, slow deep breaths, finger ready for a slight squeeze) – mission accomplished. Bummer is the cops will have a piece of string to attept to identify the trajectory and probable suspect(s). ? Moi ? Non.

    It is plain irresponsible to leave a dog in a 120 sq/m apartment with bedroom doors closed (in case) for 8 – 9 hours a day without entertainment/stimulation.

    I suppose you could put Doggie does Dallas on for fun ?

    Oh, the hell with the neighbours. I’d hate to be living in the adjacent apartment 🙁

    Gunna get Yukes to make a complaint to the Complex Management staff. It is not funny for for the dawg, and not funny for us partially unemployed Laowais.

    However, in my idle time I have done the spiderman when guards were not around, stolen 4 notebook computers, 3 cartons of Chung Hwa cigarettes, 2 sacks of rice, a few of the quilts hung out by neighbours to air on their handrails.

    I mean, I guy has to keep himself occupied, right ? Otherwise I would also become barking mad. Yip… Yap.

    Cat man myself.

    Hail Dogs !


  4. @J: Haha – I just watched Hitman… some how I have a hard time picturing you in a dark suit and red tie going around executing yappy dogs and their bastard owners.

    Trust that as soon as little Addie can go out she will go out. As I am in the house 24/7 (I think I went out last week sometime), I could use the walk too.

  5. We’ve had our pup for about three weeks now. I KNOW the feeling! I have had many dogs but this little one is proving to be the toughest to tame! Same issue as you, inside for another month or so. You can check out my tongue-in-cheek “Sale” on my flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/expatriategames/. This not is long over due Ryan. I love your websites and have been an interloper since before I cam to China. Joined Lost Laowai yesterday , the sites look great. Here’s to your continued success.

  6. I would love to know how the puppy is doing these days. Can you also tell me a bit about what life is for a big dog in Suzhou?
    I might have to relocate from the USA to Suzhoun next year and want to bring my German Shepherd with me. But I am very scared of what the Chinese (police) might do to him. I hope you can let me know your experiences about how the people in Suzhou react to big dogs. We will have a house with a big backyard. And the dog will never be alone for more than 3 hours at a time.

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