Professional Translators Needed

Though my Chinese abilities are no where near "there yet", I thought this link might be cool for some of you that best my monolinguality. If you've considered breaking into the translation service industry or have been looking for a translator job, check out Translation Services.

language123.jpgAt the site, aspiring translators can create a profile, and include a resume with examples of their work. The free membership gives you access to e-mail notifications when clients are searching for someone with your specific translation abilities.

In the sampling of current job postings, it did list an English to Mandarin job, so there could be money to be made here for people with decent English-Mandarin skills (or indeed any other bilingualness). Meanwhile, I'm going to go dust off my damn Chinese books and see if I can't force a few more Chinese characters into my brain.

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  1. One of these days, I am going to get on a bus and come to Suzhou.  I am only like 3.5 hours away. If I do, I'll let you know I'm coming your way.  Maybe we can meet up and you can show me your neck of the woods.

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