New Apartment: The Tour

Download the video (if it doesn’t play above).

Hey, so I finally got around to taking some photos, and even making a little video, of our apartment. It’s pretty sweet. For 1000 RMB ($142 CAN)/mo. we have a 2-bedroom, approx. 100 sq. metre place. Seventh floor, but hell, I need the excercise.

[LEFT] The livingroom, complete with a comfortable sofa, two comfortable armchairs and a nice big TV with sound system. [RIGHT] Our dining room, which we’ve admittedly put to little use thus far, but it’ll be nice to finally have people over for dinner.

[LEFT] Also adding more comfort to this place is a bed that actually feels like a bed, not a sparsely padded piece of stone. [RIGHT] The quaint, but functional kitchen comes complete with a dish sanitizer – wahtever that is.

The Office: Where I spend FAR too much time.

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  1. Sweet pad, brah! I like it…seems very spacious and relaxing. It also seems like it has the potential to allow you private time, when needed. Most apartments are just big, open spaces with no place to hide.

    Like the video, too. Reminds me of Spain…without the crazy Ghana hookers, of course!


  2. Yeah, that and I didn’t have to hide the camera in my bag to film my apartment.

    I agree, my last two apartments here in China have been just that – big open spaces. It’s not for me. I like space, but I like cozy space. And I LOVE having a couch I can relax on – even if it promotes me doing it an excessive amount.

    Thanks Sarah… glad you liked it. I got bored and decided to see what this “Windows Movie Maker” thing was all about.

  3. What a blast! Your movie kicks ass! I admit I watched all the credits, too. One question, though — why, when refering to your Chinese homework, did you write “look not move”? Is it that mesmerizing?

    Oh, sorry — I’m such a prick — don’t you hate those guys who can’t help but finding fault (to tell you the truth, I’m just showing off that I recognized the Chinese). No, I really, really enjoyed your video. It provided a much-needed break from studying.

    Also, 实际上, I have some serious apartment-envy. Your place looks beautiful. It’s hard to believe you got all that for only 1000. Where is it located, in the countryside? Apartments here in Shanghai are a lot more expensive. My place is probably about half the size of yours, but I’m paying 2200. Mine does have one killer feature, though, if you can believe it — a jacuzzi!

  4. Hey Chris… consider it fixed 🙂 Looked up ‘dong’ and went with the only dong I knew with the exception of dongbei (东) de dong – forgot that Wenlin taught me that “move” one in the flashcard program – it’s working well, as you can see haha.

    We’ve got a pretty sweet deal for our apartment. In six months it’ll go up to 1300 RMB, but it’s still a steal. We’re not really in the countryside, actually not far from JinSanJiao.. just up Shandong Lu, close to the Walmart.

  5. Cam: I know. This from a girl that had Paris Hilton sex videos on her phone. 😉

    Nathan: Ah, no. I mean, I know it might SEEM like I’ve got a LOT of free time on my hands, but I’m not going to walk around my damn apartment with a camera again… and then go through that goofy process of editing it. I felt silly enough doing it the first time. 😉

  6. Between all the sitting around, eating Chinese food, watching cheap DVDs, reading endless amounts of useless information online, and chatting with random people… it BARELY leaves enough time to teach various segments of the Chinese population my best attempts at the English language.

  7. nice video of your place. cool to see what a apartment looks like in China. i should take a look to see if you have more footage of china. i would love to what it is like. take care


  8. Hey Paul, I think that you’ll not find much in the way of video on my site as of yet.

    I got a new camera that can do video a couple months back and hope to include more video stuff in the future though.

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