My Favourite (Suzhou) Blogs

It used to be that I’d skim 10-20 blogs a day, with even more sitting in my feed reader should I have the extra time. I love blogs, love blogging and love the China blogsphere. In fact, it was just that love for it all that led me to setup the Hao Hao Report, a way for the best stories about China to get more exposure.

However, in recent months I’ve been so swamped with other commitments that my blogxpeditions have become fewer and fewer, to the point where I do all I can just to keep all my own blogs up to date.

It’s a tangy taste of irony that my love for this stuff led me to make it my career, which, in turn, gobbled up all my free time to do the funner things the net has to offer.

But, I want to change all that. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been trying to put time back in my day for the things I enjoy, including browsing blogs. Getting reacquainted with some and discovering some new ones.

I’m also going to try and feature a couple lists of blogs that I really like on here. And where better to start than my backyard.

Cool Suzhou Blogs

  • This Is China!This is China! – Easily one of the most interesting blogs in the English-language China blogsphere. Written by William Dodson, it offers an in depth, candid and rather personal glimpse into business and life in general of a long-time China resident.
  • This Is China!Just Another Laowai – The rough-around-the-edges humour infused blog of a good friend of mine. Man-purses, Chinese Viagra, and how to take a shit are all featured topics.
  • This Is China!People’s Republic Of… – Another blog of a good friend – Steven, whom some may know as a contributor at the Lost Laowai China Expat Blog. Thankfully his posts on LLW are more frequent than his blog, which hasn’t been updated since autumn.
  • This Is China!Bob’s Blog – Another soon-to-be contributor at Lost Laowai, I’ve only recently come across Bob’s blog. As might be guessed, I’m a sucker for site design, and I dig his. Simple, dark and slick. He’s also got a sweet collection of photos from his various travels.

Special mention should go to ChaBuDuo, a long-time fixture in the Suzhou blog scene. Though Matt’s left the Middle Kingdom for now, his blog is still an excellent resource and great read. Also, frequent commenter Jamieson needs mention as well… if you find his blog, let me know.

Well, there it is, my short list of Suzhou blogs. If I missed yours, either the aggressive shock therapy has finally worked, and I’ve managed to block it out, or I just don’t know about it. If you’ve got a Suzhou blog, and you happen to read this Suzhou blog, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. @AL: Yup!

    @Stu: Doh! Busted. Nope, it never materialized. Too late now I suppose. I’m still bugging her to start her own blog, perhaps later this month when she gets my laptop as a hand-me-down.

  2. thanks for the mention of my semi-defunct “people’s republic of…” blog, which languishes behind the great firewall.

    it’s difficult enough to view the blogspot blogs now; but since most online proxy sites don’t allow authenticated sessions, then most people in china can’t even add comments to my blogspot blog, so that takes the fun out of blogging, hence the lack of updating.

    so, as you mentioned, i enjoy writing for your Lost Laowai site on a pretty regular basis.

  3. @ Ryan,

    I never got that working, but I only tried once. I emailed a girl in the comments on that post who was also on a Mac about how to get that going on Firefox on the Mac but we never figured it out.

    Anyway, it would require all readers to be rockin’ that fix to make blogging behind the GFW worthwhile!

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  5. I was never able to get the blogspot fix to work and eventually discovered Tor. Or, The Onion Router.
    First you download the program and then the ‘firefox Tor button’.
    It slows down the connection a bit, but it’s worked like a charm for me.

  6. @Jason: Tor’s a pretty solid solution, and I used it for a long time upon first getting stuck behind the GFW. But that lag kills any desire in me to even bother with it anymore.

    Which is the brilliance of the fix I mentioned above, visiting the site is just as fast as if you weren’t using a fix at all (as essentially all you’re doing is swapping the blocked IP for an unblocked one).

    Are you on a Mac? I know some folks were having trouble with the Mac implementation, but Kevin (Weifang Radish) made it work on his Mac.

    Let me know if you’re still having troubles and I’ll lend a hand.

  7. Well…no I’m using a PC. I am however using vista as of a while ago. I’ll give it another go and see what’s up.
    If it’s still giving me issues I’ll shoot you an email.
    Thanks for the help, man.

    Damn computers…oh wait, that’s your job. 😉

  8. i use TOR on my linux box at home.. I often find it sometimes actually speeds up my connection, that’s largely due to the fact that my China Telecom “ADSL” (??) conection sucks ass.

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