Is It Easter?

Wow, so it hit me last night. Today’s Easter. Totally didn’t see that coming. I mean, you take away the massive amounts of chocolate company marketing, the dinners with family, and the childhood hope of searching the couch cracks in May for un-found eggs and there’s really nothing here in China to indicate that today is the day that marks JC’s return from the grave.

Funny that.

The question hit me last night, and was confirmed by John’s Sinosplice blog today where he referenced something called “The War On Easter”. As is so often the case, one link led to another and I found myself:

A) Reading about The War On Easter
B) Downloading The God Who Wasn’t ThereTorrent

Well, whether you worship The Resurrection or The Rabbit – Happy Easter – as in China we’ve got neither.

The God Who Wasn’t There: Trailer

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  1. Good stuff! I also forgot about 复活节 Fùhuójié “Resurrection Day”, but I’ve been doing that for years now, as my Catholicism has faded into the dark recesses of my mind (where it continues to lurk, threateningly). Funny, though — today, I hung out with a rather devout Korean catholic woman all day, and she didn’t mention it.

  2. I’ve recently discovered this about Koreans… they’re mad for big daddy, junior and the spook…

    Was it just post-war missionaries or something? “Don’t worry, I’m a devote Christian, but I’m JUST here to teach you English and help your society recover from the stresses of war… so, what’s this outdated faith you have now? Ah… in ENGLISH we call that crap. Here’s what you should know….”

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