I thought it felt a bit warmer…

The Chinese Heating Solution

Right, so it was finally getting warmer, and then today it started to snow… which actually was just what myself and my two neighbours had been hoping for last night as we couldn’t think of a better scene than it snowing down on these new electric palm trees they’ve installed just outside of Sheng Bin, our apartment complex.

Lights are going up all over the city, with endless amounts of city workers assuring every step of the way is met with the utmost supervision.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but in China there are an infinite amount of people and a finite amount of jobs… so, the solution, it would seem, is just to have EVERY position extremely overstaffed. It’s quite crazy at a restaurant as you’ve got like 6 waitresses waiting at your beck and call… but it is a bit unnerving when you’ve got all these Chinese people, in their cute little uniforms, staring at you attempting to use chopsticks (you may think you know how to… but trust me, you don’t – these people possess mad skillz).

So tomorrow is my last day of school before Spring Festival – that is unless my recently-returned-from-hospital neighbour decides not to go into work this weekend as promised, and I have to cover his shifts…

Oh, I’ve had some new foods… and am near confident that I’m reaching the end of the “strange” foods list (silk worm larva is still on the menu, but I think despite it having been offered, I’ll keep that one a mystery). On Tuesday night I went out to a BBQ place where I had chicken neck (surprisingly good – tastes of chicken) and pigeon. That’s right folks, striking a blow for urbanites everywhere… I ate one of the little bastages.. though not bad, it was a bit overdone. The kicker (pun intended) came yesterday when I went for lunch with Sherry and I had jiao zi lu rou – dumplings stuffed with donkey meat. As much as it’s a bit difficult to discern any meat when stuffed in a dumpling… it was quite good. The Chinese say that donkey meat is only next to dragon meat for being the most delicious – fortunately for dragons, I’ve not seen it on any menu … yet.

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  1. Just catching up on your latest adventures. Glad you have about finished your gastromical adventures in petland. Not sure my stomach could take much more, much less yours. I hope I never reach the day when Scooter starts to look tasty!!
    I also want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts so even if you don’t feel sometimes that anyone is reading, the old man in Ohio is and I’m passing along the news to Nella (Ok, I’m leaving out some of the details on your diet).
    Love you lots, Dad

  2. Sounds like anything that can be boiled, fried or pickled can be eaten there. Now I am questioning our delicious dinner at the Mandarin last night! Watch your back, last time I saw you, you looked “yummy” to me! Miss you, Mom

  3. Hi Ryan

    Looks like you are having quite an adventure. How do you teach English to Chinese people when you don’t speak Chinese?

    I am really enjoying reading your Blog. You certainly haven’t lost your sense of humour.

    All the best.

    Jim Norris
    [email protected]

  4. Well Ryan I finally figured out how to post comments!
    I hope you ended up having the weekend off to enjoy Spring Festival!
    I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the “interesting” meals you have tried.
    Take care,

  5. It feels nice when I can tell people.. “Yeah, so this friend of mine.. he travelled the world and now he’s teaching English in China..”
    It’s too bad we didn’t get to hang out before you left but when you get back we must.
    Maybe hit up Harvey’s for old times sake. haha.
    No. But really. It’s amazing what you’re doing and I wish you all the best.
    Also, very nice picture. I’m diggin’ the lit up palm trees. *^_^*


  6. Hey Ryan

    China! I do believe you’ve got the bug. (traveling that is…)

    All the best in your endeavours and I look forward to checking in on your blog now and then.

    Take care of yourself.

    Peter (Wing)

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