Holy 1984 Batman!

Right, if you do nothing else with your day, visit Google Earth and prepare to be blown away. And for those of you that have seen this already and want to comment on how cool you are … ah, hell, go ahead – it’s true. I mean, my god, I was able to show my class my mother’s swimming pool today.

Incidently, new maps on the side bar showing where I am. Unfortunately the peripheral cities of China aren’t as highly detailed as the bustling metropolis that IS Welland.

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  1. Perhaps they just didn’t realize what it could actually do. I mean, you scroll in too fast and don’t wait for the stream, you’re looking at a big blurry mass of colour, and not much else.

    Or perhaps they took the short bus to school. Either way, it does nothing to deny the coolness of such a program.

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