Feed Update: Feedburner is dead…

Right, so Feedburner actually died a long time ago, but it wasn’t until I got around to upgrading WordPress to the shiny new WordPress 2.5 the other day that I realized I really needed to finally bury the sucker and switch back to in-house feeds.

Now, allegedly Feedburner will be redirecting everyone to the original feed, but in case that fails, please note that the proper feed for this site is http://blog.ryanm.ca/blog/feed.

Please let me know if you experience any troubles with the site or the feed.

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  1. Hello Bryan,

    Feedburner was already dead (banned) in China, however, we can still grab the feeds from Reading client such as Google reader and any other relevant tools.

  2. Hey Byichi (;-)),

    Yeah, I posted about the ban last year when it happened on my other site Lost Laowai. Despite it being available from foreign-based RSS readers, it’s still a pain to work with here – particularly as I do a lot of cross-feeding between sites. Not being able to access my feed directly is a pain in the ass.

    • When Feedburner was first blocked a few years ago Feedsky was “the” feed packager to go with. Other than for analytics, I’m not sure there’s much reason for a feed packager any more.

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