Emergency Fundraiser BBQ for Xiao Hua

And now news of a barbecue of a different, and much more solemn and purposeful nature – I received word late yesterday from several friends that there will be an emergency fundraising BBQ for their friend Xiao Hua, whom was the victim of a hit and run here in Suzhou on Sunday and is now in a coma.

The Suzhou Bookworm, which always seems quick to respond with an altruistic heart, is hosting the event. The details from the event page on Facebook:

Dear friends and patrons,

Xiao HuaOn Sunday July 6th, The Bookworm will be hosting a BBQ dinner to raise funds for our dear friend Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua was the victim of a hit and run on Moye Lu on Sunday. She sustained severe head injuries that left her in a coma. Friends and family have managed to cover the initial costs of surgery and treatment, but at this critical stage of her recovery we must turn to the community for additional support. The proceeds of the barbecue will go towards the estimated 100,000 RMB in medical expenses.

Your 200 RMB donation will entitle you to a fantastic barbecue platter, a selection of fresh salads and sides, 2 draft pints (or soft drinks) and our sincere gratitude for the part you’ll be playing in saving Xiao Hua’s life.

Thank you for you support

Time & Place

Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008
Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: The Suzhou Bookworm (off Shi Quan Jie) – map
Street: Gun Xiu Fang # 77, Shi Quan Street
City/Town: Suzhou, China

A tragic reminder that as much as we can joke about the crazy drivers in China – they do represent a real danger that we should all be mindful of.

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  1. Man I hope this works out. I was talking about Chinese-style driving with a colleague today at lunch, I never expected something like this to happen.


  2. This kind of accidents are not unique in China, often heard hit-and-run and drunk driving in Toront..

  3. @From Toronto: China certainly has no exclusivity when it comes to hit and runs, nor asshole drivers.

    However I think the big difference between China and Canada would be the differences in repercussions to the driver. A person in Canada is less likely to flee the scene of an accident because they have more legal protection and isolation from the victim.

    In China, you hit someone and they die, that person’s life is evaluated largely based on class and a price is set for remunerations to the family (ie. people from the countryside are worth less than people in the city).

    If they don’t die you might be paying their medical bills for the rest of your life, and if you operate a crappy little 3-wheel taxi (which hit Xiao Hua) I’m guessing you don’t have insurance or finances to cover either option.

    The system makes doing the right thing harder to do, and so I’m certain there’s many more cases in China where drivers flee from the scene of an accident when they know they are at fault.

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