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Right, so does anyone else think the world is just stupidly retarded these days? And I don’t mean to throw the term retarded out there to offend anyone with special needs, as they are certainly more abled than the planet at large.

I just read about this case in Afganistan, where an Afgan man is being tried (and seemingly convicted) for converting to Christianity 14 years ago. Unless he renounces his ways and again affirms his belief in Allah, wait, not Allah… just Mohammad — the rest of the cast and crew are pretty much the same aren’t they — they’re going to sentence him to death.

Now, lemme get this straight, the Muslim world gets up in arms (literally) when the “Christian” (rather, the multi-ethnic, rather tollerant and aware that there IS an entire world of people that live on this planet) world publishes A SINGLE defamatory cartoon about the Prophet, which characterizes the fact that the Muslim world tends to blow up innocent people to show their dislike of other people blowing up innocent Muslim people (a la G.W. Bush and his bedmates).

So, now we’ve got a Christian guy in Afganistan who’s going to be killed for being Christian. If the Muslim’s unite when their faith is attacked (by horribly damaging cartoons), where the hell are the Christians? Bunch of pacifists. I say the Christian powers that largely rule the US, and now Canada, should illustrate to Afganistan just how astronomically stupid they are by extending the same level of “justice” to the Muslim people in North America. Hell, Tony Blair and John Howard … they’d probably admit to being Christians too right? (do when the votes are needed anyway). So lets get the UK and Australia in this too.

If a man can be killed in a Muslim country for being Christian, isn’t it fair that a man, woman or child in a largely Christian country be killed for being a Muslim? No, it’s not fair… it’s remarkably brainless… and I’m SURE that the Muslims in “civilized” Western countries would agree. So… what the fuck?

It’s common to hear that all this shit going down in the Middle-East by America is just causing more and more terrorists (and I’m the first to advocate that it does, and denounce the whole thing), but what the hell is the Muslim world doing? I mean, they’re not exactly giving the world a lot to like about their religion.

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  1. I don’t know what to say.

    Do you know any muslims well? If something happens in a Christian country, or from a Christian sect in a country, do you denounce all Christians?

    Maybe yes, probably no. Most muslim countries are poor, very poor, and as a result, in my humble opinion, rely less on a balanced assessment of Islam and it varied teachings, and more on the herding mentality based on non-conformism. Would you criticise China as a homogenous group as a whole if, had you lived 200 years ago and were shacked up with a Chinese bird, and the local group sentenced her to death? Possibly? I don’t know.

    Most muslim countries are Muslim and poor and have a village herding mentality. Please spend some time with muslims to get an idea on whether this is a muslim thing, or whether it is a result of an undereducated herding mentality stoked up for whatever reason.

  2. Hey guys… instead of clicking on “anonymous” click on “other” and put your names in. If you really have something to say, I’m not sure why you don’t put yours to it. Vanessa, that doesn’t apply to you – as you put your name, just not in the right spot 😉

    Thanks for the link Vanessa – I’ll check it out.

    As for the first comment. I totally see what you’re saying, and have long held the view that freedom of religion and worship is one of the tenets that all humans should stand by.

    What I’m saying is not based on what a “sect” or “one Christian” is doing. If that were the case, I could agree. But we’re talking about countries, and governments. If a government can use a religion to justify cruelty and inhumanity, then the religion must be reassessed.

    When the Catholic church reached extreme abuses of power and influence on its herd (also poor), the people rose up and said “hang on a minute” (but likely in German).

    The people that are using Islam to influence the poor and undereducated are not poor and are not undereducated.

    I’m not trying to buy into the propaganda spread by Western news that all Muslims are terrorists or anything of the such. I do know Muslims and they are all, of course, good people.

    However, just like the Bible, the Quran is loaded with archaic beliefs that don’t fit into a modern world. The difference is, largely (but, I admit, not completely), Christianity has done away with most of those that do not conform to the world in which we live.

    To be clear, I’m not trying to say all Muslims are bad, or that all Muslim countries are cruel and inhumane. What I’m trying to say is that if horrible acts of cruelty can be done under the banner of Islam, the Muslim world needs to better get a control over their banner.

    And in regards to China. Before I came here, I would never have lumped anyone into a “group”. I firmly believed everyone was an individual. But now. Of course I would criticize them as a homogenous group – to not refer to China and the Chinese as a homogenous group is both offensive and inaccurate.

    The Chinese (blanket statement) are nothing if not conformists. Whatever the reason, years of having it beaten out of them, a long reverred Confucian system, or lack of proper education, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the world we live in, and as such needs to be called by what it is.

    Not really clear about the 200 years ago China thing. But if you mean would I blame an entire race of people for the actions of a few, no. Would I think that the actions of the few are bred into them by an entire race of people, yes.

  3. According to the shariah(islamic) law, that guys who converted to christianity should be punished.

    Why would ‘christian’ peeps stand up for that guy? they themselves don really follow their own religion. What can they do for others?

    False religion invites man to the worship of creation by calling the creation or some aspect of it God. For example, prophet Jesus invited his followers to worship Allah but those who claim to be his followers today call people to worship Jesus, claiming that he was Allah(lord).

    Enough said.


  4. Am I right to say that Muslims call Islam a “Religion of Peace”? I am pretty sure I am, but why is it that peace seems to be the last thing on the most vocal Muslims’ minds?

    Maybe it’s just a “peace” I don’t understand. A totalitarian, lack of freedom, live-in-fear-of-being-persecuted type of peace. Or maybe it’s all roses. I’ve not cracked my Islam For Dummies book yet (no joke, it’s on my bookshelf).

    What I do know is this, your e-mail address speaks volumes about your religion.

    For those that didn’t see it, it’s ihate[email protected]. Where is the love? You’re Sunni, I assume?

    Now, if it wasn’t immediately evident, I’m non-denominational in my beliefs. I live a full and complete life without religious supplement, and perhaps it’s just the long path to hell, but personally, who would want to worship a god that incites their followers to kill their other creations?

    Perhaps we can all e-mail [email protected] and ask. Maybe she knows.

    Question I have for you Ms. IhateShiasandSufis, is thus: How can you live in a country found on the principles of relgious freedoms, but you yourself not believe in them? Perhaps you should go notify your neighbours your belief dictates that they all die for being infidels.

  5. First of all, I’m not sunni. So stop labeling me like others do.

    I hate shias because they are straight kuffar(disbelievers).

    Sufis, because they messed up the whole ‘religion’ thing. Sufis are more to be known as Modernists.

    This country was never found on the princinples of religious freedom. How about you take history classes?

    My belief does not dictate that people die for being infidels. Its only if they hear of Islam, then accept it, and then turn back from it. They are supposed to be killed according to the shairah law.

    Our laws are not some man made laws. Unlike some people who make up versions of so called ‘holy book’ of yours which is known as bible.

    How about you try to learn lil bit more about Islam? Hopefully, by the end of the day, It will make some sense to you.

    take care,

  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to label you. I was guessing, and it wasn’t a horrible guess.

    The different Islamic sects are a little inconsequential to my overal point though.

    Why did people leave England and land on the shores of the rather dangerous and desolate Americas? To avoid religious persecution. I’m reasonably certain that is in your history books. Though I’ve not checked.

    Now about this accepting Islam. Do most Muslims accept Islam, as in choose for themselves? Or do their parents and society choose for them when they are young?

    I know in Catholicism there is a Confirmation, but I’m not sure if there’s a Muslim equiv. And as with the Catholic version, it’s unlikely that the child that is confirming really knows what they’re confirming.

    So, with this in mind, if one grows up, realizes that they’ve made a mistake in their belief and wishes to choose a different path than the path chosen from them by socio-parental norms – they should die?

    And Holy Book of mine? I wasn’t aware I had a “Holy Book”. If you mean the work of historical-fiction that the Christians and Hebrews came up with to explain why their lives were not so hot oh so many centuries ago – it’s got nothing to do with me.

    As I said, would love to learn more about Islam.

    Keep in mind this isn’t an attack on you, you need not get defensive. The original point of this post was one of questions regarding why in the 21st century we’re still killing people because of their choice of beliefs.

  7. Sorry, If I was gettin defensive against you or your post.

    I’m glad you want to learn more about Islam.

    I will reply more to your previous reply very soon.


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